Antanas Guoga applies for UKIP leadership

Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga has officially applied to UKIP admissions officer Roger Bird to become the new leader of UKIP – promising to run on a pro-European ticket. This is the full version of the letter to UKIP Returning Officer Roger Bird:

Dear Roger,

I am writing to you today to confirm my intention to run for the position of leader of UKIP. I reviewed the leadership credentials and the Party Constitution and see no reason why a man of my standing cannot apply. So, I sincerely hope you receive my application in good faith.

I have outlined the following points that I believe best articulate my suitability to the role:

• Loss of income due to Romanians – As a professional poker player, I once lost a substantial amount of money to my Romanian rival, Daniel Negreanu. This aligns me stoically to the UKIP membership concerned with the impact of Eastern Europeans on their incomes.

• Knowledge of the immigration system – I am half Lithuanian, half Australian. I am therefore familiar with the Australian point system immigration favoured by UKIP supporters and also have experience as an Eastern European travelling around Europe. My knowledge of both sides of the argument should prove very helpful to the UKIP heartland.

• Leaving after I have won – As a professional poker player, when I win a hand, I leave the table. This mantra seems very appropriate to the UKIP leadership given the amount of Vote Leave members who have vanished from the negotiation table following Brexit victory.

• A candidate with a difference – Given that recent research suggests that 1.2million leave voters regret their choice, UKIP needs a pro-European candidate to broaden the debate and represent the UKIP voters who have changed their mind. That can be me.

• Putting my money where my mouth is – Unlike some previous leaders, I keep my promises. In my political career I have donated my salary to charitable causes and would offer to do the same as leader of UKIP. It might not quite amount to the £350million a week promised, but all of my salary – if elected – will be donated to the NHS.

• Foreign leaders in the UK – As we have seen with the import of Australian rugby and cricket geniuses Eddie Jones and Trevor Bayliss, England can thrive under foreign – particularly Australian – leadership. Closer to home, the Green Party are led by Natalie Bennett and have grown in numbers significantly under her stewardship. Even in fringe politics, Australian heritage can deliver for England.

I hope this email reaches you safely and I look forward to meeting you in person at hustings. I am hoping to secure Nigel’s backing when I see him next in the European Parliament, so expect to hear more from me. Please advise on next steps for formalising my application.

Kind regards,

Antanas Guoga (Lithuania)

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