#SWITCH! ‘’Coded’’ a success for Lithuania: holds new Guinness World Records™ title

On the 9th September, at the biggest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic Region #SWITCH!, organised by the Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga, the Guinness World Records title for largest programming lesson in the world was set in Vilnius, Lithuania. 712 children between the ages of seven and thirteen completed a program lesson taught by Valentina Dagienė, a mathematics and informatics professor from Vilnius University.

The team, led by Professor Dagienė created a special platform for coding so that it would be accessible to children of all ages. The main task was to program a symbol, the columns of Duke Gediminas, which has a patriotic significance, and to paint it in Lithuanian flag colours.

The Guinness World Records achievement sets the start for a new project named ‘’Coded Success’’. The main goal of the new project is to introduce coding to over 10,000 students across Lithuania.

‘’The Guinness World Records title means a lot to Lithuania. This is the first step towards smart technological education that will help to ensure Lithuania’s success in the future. We hope that the Lithuanian educational system would be improved by looking at the best examples in the world. We want children from the very young age to become familiar with the IT world and learn how to program. Also, teachers should be introduced with the newest teaching methods on how to introduce coding to their students. Therefore, the current educational system in the country must be reviewed for improvements. It is crucial to invest in the young generation today, so they help to increase the level of progressiveness in Lithuania as well as to raise the status of a competitive country in the future,” said Antanas Guoga, a member of the European Parliament, organizer of #SWITCH!, and initiator of the project ‘Coded Success’’.

The goal of the project ‘’Coded Success’’ is to encourage the Lithuanian educational system to look at the best examples from across the world and to offer programming lessons to students from a very young age. Additionally, the enhancement of teaching methods will play an important role in the process.

In the coming two years, many international meetings are planned with IT experts from countries that have already reformed their educational system and teach students coding lessons as early as in the first grade. Also, special training will be organized for teachers as well as free ‘’Coder Dojo’’ programming clubs in the whole country.

Initiators of the project ‘’Coded Success’’ are Lithuanian MEP A.Guoga, the biggest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic Region #SWITCH!, and the movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people ‘’Coded Dojo Lietuva’’. Partners: Lithuanian ICT sector association INFOBALT, association of Education innovations and technologies.

About #SWITCH! event

More than 10,000 young people, start-ups and professionals met in Vilnius, Lithuania, 8-9th of September in #SWITCH!, the largest ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic region. #SWITCH! is an annual event on the European digital single market and entrepreneurship, which aims to unite public officials, young entrepreneurs, youth from the region, and the global digital companies. #SWITCH! is organised by Lithuanian ALDE Group member Antanas Guoga MEP.

Participant of the record

Participant of the record

Preparation for the largest programming lesson in the World

Mentors helping children to follow the task of the programming lesson

Participants of the attempt of the Guinness World Records for the largest programming are waiting if the results will be qualified.

MEP Antanas Guoga, professor Valentina Dagiene, representative of the Guinness World Records Sadie Smith

MEP Antanas Guoga, the organiser or the biggest ICT and entrepreneurship event in Baltics #SWITCH!, welcomes participants of the attempt of the record

Mentor helps children during the lesson